Houdini 13.0 Reference Panes

The channel list lets you work with parameters, and makes it easy to edit values and channel groups, and manage the currently scoped parameters.


The channel list is also available as a sub-pane of the channel editor .

The group list shows all channel groups. Press RMB on a group to see a context menu for the group.

The parameter list shows the parameters on the selected objects and/or in the selected channel groups. Select parameters in the list to scope them.

When you select objects, the channel list shows parameters of the object that either are keyed already, or are marked “auto scope”. “Auto scope” is a property of commonly-animated parameters that makes them automatically show up in the channel list. See auto-scope parameters.

In addition to the value-editing techniques and shortcuts available in the parameter editor , you can also select multiple value boxes at once in the parameter list and type or use the MMB value ladder to change them all at once.

Press RMB in one of the sub-panes to show commands and options specific to the sub-pane. Press RMB on items in the lists to show commands and options for the item.

To...Do this
Group parameters together into a channel group
  1. Select the parameters in the parameter list.

  2. Use drag-and-drop or press RMB on a selected parameter to get a menu to create new groups or add parameters to existing groups.

Scope the parameters in a group (and all subgroups)

Click the group in the group list.

Keep a channel group or parameter always visible in the parameter list

Click the pin icon next to the group or parameter. Click the icon again to unpin it.

Set keyframes on the parameters in a channel group

Click the key icon next to the group.

Create a take containing the parameters in a group

Press RMB on the group and choose Create Take from Group(s).

Pending keys

A group’s key icon becomes orange if any parameter in the group or its sub-groups has pending changes.

  • Dark orange (same as background of a pending value) means a group contains some (but not all) channels with pending changes.

  • Bright orange (same as pending key marker on time-line) means all channels in a group have pending changes.

  • Black key means no pending changes.

The pending color will override the green key for Show Key Status if it is turned on.